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Model Railroad University


  Fran and Miles Hale  
Model Railroad Builders
5608 North Mercier Drive  
Kansas City, MO 64118 

phone/fax 816-746-1567  
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What We Do

We plan and build custom model railroads and museum quality dioramas in any scale. We have worked in scales from Z (1:220) to 1 1/2" (1:8) live steam.

Layout Designing to Full Layouts or Parts
Layout designing is our specialty. Enjoy the parts of the hobby you like! Yes our services include layout designing and building full model railroad layouts and museum quality display dioramas, but we also provide services for any part of the layout. If you just enjoy running trains, then you need a full layout designed and built for you. If you want to build it yourself, but want some help with a particular task, then just hire us to do any of the following...

        layout design
layout room preparation
background painting
layout room lighting
benchwork construction
locomotives (kit or custom)
rolling stock (kit or custom)
structures (kit or custom)
animation (design and/or installation)
casting (your master or a custom built master)

We can even start a task for you and then train you how to continue it on your own. This could be the kickstart you need to begin that perfect model railroad layout you've been wanting.

Model Railroading University
Another option is to attend Model Railroading University so that you can learn the skills necessary, and gain some confidence is using those skills with professional training from Master Model Railroaders.

Convention Clinicians
We are also available for clinics at your local or regional convention. 

Manufacturer Prototypes
If you are a manuafacturer, we also do custom prototypes for your products. We have worked in the production processes of casting, stamping and CNC.

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