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  Fran and Miles Hale  
Model Railroad Builders
5608 North Mercier Drive  
Kansas City, MO 64118 

phone/fax 816-746-1567  
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Who We Are

Our scenery techniques are as close to nature as you can get. We represent Woodland Scenics at national and regional conventions, presenting clinics on how to use the Woodland Scenics products. We also present DPM kits at conventions. Our talents bring the best of the manmade world together with the look of mother nature on your layout.

Backgrounds are a specialty. Our clinic, "The Sky's the Limit" has been seen by thousands at NMRA (National Model Railroad Assocation) conventions. This clinic is presented by us and John Lowrance. The focus of this clinic is creating background imagery with the help of painting with stencils.

Miles Hale, MMR
Miles has been the R&D Model Maker for Kadee/MicroTrains, Woodland Scenics, DPM, InterMountain, and New London Industries. Miles has been an NMRA Master Model Railroader for 24 years! Miles built several model railroads commercially while working for Bob Lunde, the founder of DPM and Magnuson Models. Miles has over 50 articles that have appeared in the hobby press, many of them are how to articles with new techniques presented for the first time. Miles is also a Past National Board Member of the Association of Professional Model Makers.

Fran Hale
Fran wrote the book on scenery construction for Woodland Scenics. She presents scenery techniques every year at the National NMRA convention. Fran has also been awarded four Achievement Awards in the NMRA Achievement Program.

Above is a small sampling of magazines that contain articles that Fran and Miles have written.

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