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Model Railroad University


  Fran and Miles Hale  
Model Railroad Builders
5608 North Mercier Drive  
Kansas City, MO 64118 

phone/fax 816-746-1567  
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Why Use Us

Reliability - Realism - Recommended

After designing and constructing many layouts, we understand the importance of reliability. From sound construction to mechanical and electrical systems, we are high on quality. When you want to host an operating session or just run trains, you want all of the integrated systems to perform to perfection. We are proficient in DCC as well as conventional DC.

From the layout design to the operation, to the locomotives, to the rolling stock, to the scenery, to the structures, to the animation, to the layout room environment, to the lighting, our talents bring the best realism to your project. Our scenery techniques are as close to nature as you can get. We represent Woodland Scenics at national and regional conventions, presenting clinics on how to use Woodland Scenics' products.

We build so our clients will recommend us to their friends. We stand behind our layouts and we build only the best products for your home or commercial display layout.

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